But… I’m Not a Writer!

So, you think that you’re not a writer and therefore nobody wants to read anything you’d write.  I had one woman tell me that her plan was to put her lifetime of calendars and photos into a box and give them to her children and that would be her life story.  Why? Because “she wasn’t a writer”.

What would you rather have? A box of random items and photos to sort through or a chance to hear a loved one’s voice through their writing?  Maybe both?  But definitely we want to have a part of them in their own words!

I spoke in another post about my uncle who wrote his life story that I cherish.  That uncle couldn’t spell (for example, school was spelled skule), didn’t understand the rules of grammar, and struggled to choose the right word in places – spelled correctly or not.  BUT, every time I look through those notebooks he left me I hear his voice.  It is as clear as though he were talking to me on the phone.

The same experience occurs whenever I read the personal story of someone I knew well.  I actually prefer the imperfect style in personal histories than a polished well-honed ghost-written story.

Our system is perfect for writers and non-writers alike.  You open the program in your computer and just answer the questions in your own words and in your own inestimable style.  In the next few posts I’ll be answering practical how-to tips to make sure you get the most mileage out of every question.  But however you choose to answer each question – with details or not – you will leave your family a legacy that is beyond price.  Your story.  Your words.  Your voice.  What more could they ever want?

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