I’m Boring; Nobody Would Want to Read MY Story

One of the most frequent arguments (or dare I say, excuses) I hear for not writing a personal history is that “I’ve never done anything exciting in my life.”  That is usually followed by: “I was just a wife and mother”, or “I just held a boring job and never did anything else”, or the all-encompassing, “I’ve never done anything at all that anyone would be interested in reading.  My story would put the reader to sleep” excuses regularly.

First, there is no such thing as a nothing life.  Everyone, absolutely everyone who has taken up space on this earthly sphere has been influenced by and influenced other people.  Everyone has had experiences that have been unique to them.  Oh, some of the external circumstances may appear the same, but let’s face it: everyone’s individual background and DNA and influences make each story completely unique.  I handled my husband’s unexpected death differently than other people I know who went through an externally similar trial.  Why?  What is it in my background that made that so?  I can assure you that enquiring minds do want to know.

I learn the most from people who live quiet in-the-background kind of lives and do it well.  They go about affecting lives every day by simple means and never recognize the impact of their actions.

“Just a wife and mother”?  Please!  The poet William Ross Wallace penned, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”.  More and more empirical evidence is proving the validity of that statement.  The impact parents have – for good or ill – is immeasurable.  That means the stories of rearing their families and the experiences they had will be a great tool for future generations.

“I just held a boring job” excuse is equally silly.  Seemingly boring jobs make up part of a great whole of something.  And there are work experiences and co-workers and changes you’ve seen and all sorts of wonderful stories from a career, whether that career is glamorous or not.  So you weren’t a professional sports star, a prima ballerina, or the first man on the moon.  Those people are few and far between.  But who you are and what you did is definitely just as important in the lives of those around you.

As you go through the questions offered by The Write History you will discover just how much you actually have done in life.  You will see yourself in a new light and maybe even find that you’re a bit of a rock star in your own right.  They say that writing about yourself increases self-confidence and helps sort through personal crises.  Try it.  Find out just how much more fascinating your life has been than you ever imagined!

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