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At The Write History we believe that everyone has a story and that every story needs to be shared.  Why?

Many of you are familiar with the scripture from the Old Testament that the hearts of the children are to be turned to their fathers.  What a beautiful promise.  But what does it mean?  There are many different levels of understanding for that particular verse, but one that I want to talk about is the innate desire individuals have to understand the people who have gone before them.  Parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles.  Don’t we all want to know what they did, why they did it, and what exactly made them them?

I absolutely love reading about my grandmother and some of the amazing things she did.  Turns out that she and I have walked some similar paths – albeit many decades apart!  We were both married older, nearly the same age, in fact, and both of us were widowed about the same young age. It has helped me so much to understand how she withstood her trials and thus feel that I can withstand mine.  My mother’s musicality, which she got from her father, was passed on to me.  My father’s sense of adventure, as inherited from his father, has been passed on to my brother.  I love to read all of the stories of my family that I have.  Unfortunately there are too many holes.  What was my paternal grandmother really like as a girl?  What were her interests?  How about my paternal grandfather?  What made him who he was?  I’ll never know.

I’m afraid of that same lack of understanding existing for my daughter and her children.
For many years my dear husband sat down at his computer for his annual ritual of trying to write his personal history.  He started this when he was about 30.  He was a gifted writer and earned his bread and butter (with lots of jam) largely by his written words.  But for some reason this was a much more intimidating project.  But he was determined to overcome his writer’s block on this and every year, once a year, he’d announce his intention to finally write his story.  He’d open his laptop, stare at the screen, type, backspace and erase, type some more, erase some more, and sigh and mutter an awful lot through the entire process.  After about an hour he’d declare that he had absolutely no idea where to start, close the laptop and put it away.  When he very unexpectedly passed away at the age of 46, our daughter and I were left with no written history of Ben’s life.  We now only have memories of what he shared with us of his childhood instead of having the stories in his real words.  What a loss.

This experience has been the impetus for beginning this company.  No one should struggle in knowing how to write their story to the point that it never gets written.  Our system takes away that stumbling block and instead makes telling your complete life story simple and fun.

Make sure that when your loved ones want to better understand you and your life that they have the means to do so.  Let them have something to hold onto when their hearts are turned to you.  Start today.  Be the bridge between generations and don’t let your stories fade away, leaving nothing but distant memories behind.

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